Jurney Carrie

Carrie Jurney, DVM, DACVIM

CEO and Neurologist, Jurney Veterinary Neurology, Redwood City, California

Diagnosing Veterinary Wellbeing
You can’t open a veterinary publication these days without seeing an article about compassion fatigue or wellbeing or suicide. What is happening in our profession, and how can we work together to build a happier, brighter future?

The Power of Failure
Numerous studies have shown that veterinarians have decreased resiliency in the face of adversity. How do we learn to embrace our failures, learn from our mistakes and bounce back faster? In this lecture, Dr. Jurney discusses the science behind resiliency.

Smarter Feelings
You’ve heard of IQ, but do you know about EQ? Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill that has been shown to not only increase happiness but also more concrete measures of success. People with higher EQ have better performance reviews, score higher in school and even make higher salaries. In this lecture, we’ll cover the basics of EQ, as well as do some workshops to increase your personal score.

Mental Health CPR
Unfortunately, the statistics are clear, veterinarians do have an elevated suicide rate compared to the general public. Even if you are not personally at risk, unfortunately, some of your colleagues likely are. In this lecture, we’ll talk about how you recognize the signs of someone in crisis and how you can intervene. This lecture includes crisis intervention training, as well as a workshop on risk assessment.

Muzzling the Cyberbullies: How to Protect Yourself and Your Reputation Online
Have you ever gotten a bad review or dealt with someone who wanted to attack the veterinary profession as a whole? Can we and should we engage with these people? Can we have productive conversations online or is all of social media just mud-slinging? In this lecture, we’ll discuss how to best engage with the less friendly elements of the online world.

The Science of Happiness
This lecture is more than your average compassion fatigue lecture. This is self-care for nerds! In this lecture, we talk about the science behind all of those self-care recommendations and practices. Ever wonder if mindfulness really works? Come dig into the literature of it all with Dr. Jurney.