Farone Tracy 

Dr. Tracy Farone

Track: Production Animal | Speaking on Saturday, August 17

  • Wanta Bee A Bee Vet? The Basic Buzz
  • Bees: Our Newest, Cute, Fuzzy Animal
  • Yep, Bees Get Sick...Kinda Like Everybody Else
  • Vitamin Bee? The Importance Of Honey Bee Nutrition
  • Bee Stressed? One Health & The Bees
  • Are You A Bee Vet Or The Beekeepers’ Vet?





Hartnack Amanda

Dr. Amanda Hartnack

Track: Production Animal | Speaking on Friday, August 16

  • Ruminant Field Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia And Injection Protocols
  • Fluid Therapy Made Easy: Calves, Kids And Lambs
  • Fluid Therapy Made Easy: Adult Ruminants
  • Bovine Lameness: Beyond Footrot
  • Common Procedures In Small Ruminants And How To Do Them
  • Diagnosis Of Bovine Abdominal Problems




Repasky Stephen 

Mr. Stephen Repasky

Track: Production Animal | Speaking on Saturday, August 17

  • Are You A Bee Vet Or The Beekeepers’ Vet?





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