Halow Bash

Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT

Partner, Halow Consulting, New York, New York

The Future of Veterinary Medicine - Part 1: What’s Here and What’s Ahead
Attendees are provided an overview of the sweeping, fast-paced changes that are happening in our industry and the impact that they will have on profits, team members, and your competitiveness. But don’t be too pessimistic; opportunities abound as well!

The Future of Veterinary Medicine - Part 2: Seizing Service Opportunities and Growing Practice Value
In this session, Halow discusses the most important changes you should make in your practice in order to best compete in this climate of change.

Leveraging Technology to Reach Existing and New Clients
Halow shares the best ways to reach new clients and engage with existing ones. Lots of real-life examples along with information on ROI. Very fun and informative!

Burned Out? Self-Assessment and Plan for Recovery
Attendees are assessed for levels of burnout and compassion fatigue prior to a lecture on how to fix both. Inspirational and rejuvenating, you'll laugh and learn at the same time.

Best Hospitals in America
A 2017 study of America’s finest hospitals revealed a through line of common management practices. Join Bash for an entertaining review of how these hospitals improved team morale while they excelled at patient care.

Train Your Team to Manage Client Complaints
An entertaining case study is the lead-in to an in depth exploration of why customers complain and the steps one should take to make things better. Great ideas on how to get your team more involved too.


David McCormick, MS, CVA

Veterinary Practice Appraiser, Consultant, and Transaction Facilitator, Simmons Mid-Atlantic, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

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Is Your Practice Financially Healthy? - Parts 1 & 2
Industry data indicates that most practices are not financially healthy. This session will cover what makes a practice healthy and why it matters. We will also look at the ways to diagnose the common diseases and how provide tips for starting treatments.

What You Need to Know About Practice Value
What makes one practice worth more than another even though they have the same revenues? Why/how can the corporates pay so much - and does it apply to you? This session will look at how practice value is assessed and more importantly - what it means when ownership changes.