Demars Paul

Dr. Paul DeMars

Companion Animal: General Practice







Dufort Robert

Dr. Robert DuFort


Companion Animal: Pathology

  • Why is Preventive Health Screening Important?
  • Practitioner’s Challenge: Diagnosing and Managing the Challenging Senior Patient
  • GI Parasites, With Emphasis on CAPC Guidelines
  • Kidney Disease, With Emphasis on IRIS Guidelines and SDMA
  • Hematology, With Emphasis on Reticulocytes and Reticulocyte Hemoglobin
  • Inflammatory Disease, With Emphasis on CBC and C-Reactive Protein




Jacob Kristin

Dr. Kristin Jacob

Companion Animal: Cardiology

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Pulmonary Hypertension in the Canine Patient






Lutz Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Lutz

Companion Animal: Opthalmology






McDonnell Jay

Dr. Jay McDonnell

Companion Animal: Neurology

  • Approach to the Chronic Seizure Patient
  • How to Save Your Patient’s Life! At Home Treatment of Status Epilepticus
  • Syndromes Approach to the Neuro-Patient
  • Treatment Options for CNS Tumors - What to Tell Your Clients: Neurosurgical Treatment of Spinal Cord Disease in Dogs and Cats





Nappier Michael

Dr. Michael Nappier

Companion Animal: General Practice

  • There and Back Again, A Vet Trip Tale - Part 1
  • There and Back Again, A Vet Trip Tale - Part 2
  • Small Dogs, Big Problems: Low-Stress Visits for Small Dogs
  • Where Have All The Felines Gone? The Why and How of Becoming a Cat-Friendly Practice
  • Happy Cats, Happy Vets: Low-Stress Cat Visits
  • Case Discussion, Common High-Stress Scenarios What Went Wrong and How to Avoid It


Robertson Sheilah

Dr. Sheilah Robertson

Companion Animal: Hospice

  • The Central Role of Ketamine in Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia
  • The Impact of Obesity on Anesthesia
  • Real World - Real Case: Managing Mobility Issues in a Senior Dog
  • Too Old for Anesthesia?
  • Assessing and Managing Chronic Pain in Cats
  • Saying Goodbye – Navigating the Last Appointment



Syring Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Syring

Companion Animal: Emergency & Critical Care

  • Feline Urinary Obstruction: When Good Cats Go Bad
  • Canine Hemoabdomen: The Blood and Guts of the Matter
  • Pericardil effusion
  • CPR: A Crash Course in Saving Lives
  • CPR: Practical Session - Part 1
  • CPR: Practical Session - Part 2


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